Synthetic photochemistry

State of the art preparative photochemistry

We supply many manufacturers of high-quality organic compounds with UV systems for the realization of photochemical stages. E.g. Vitamins and other valuable components are synthesized.

The photochemical synthesis has the advantage that complex synthesis steps can often be shortened, resulting in high yields with high purity at the same time. In many reactions, the high purity is due to the moderate reaction conditions, since thermal side reactions are suppressed.
For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot advertise these products using the services provided. However, you will soon find that a.c.k. will be the partner of your choice here too.
Realized synthesis plants in the field of photochemistry: Woodward-Hoffmann, photochlorination, sulfochlorination, photonitrosation, photo addition, photobromination, photopolymerization, photodimerization, ring-chain valence isomerization, end-selective sulfonation, etc.


ATEX-certified UV reactor for preparative photochemistry

Our specially developed Synviolet® generation of reactors can be adapted to a high degree to the requirements of a synthesis application in order to achieve an efficient process (high conversion, high purity, high selectivity):

  • Use of different radiation sources depending on the requirements of the spectrum to induce the desired (photo) reaction (such as Hg - medium pressure lamps)
  • Integrated systems for monitoring and controlling the emitter spectrum
  • ATEX conformity, since most photochemical synthesis reactions take place in non-aqueous and often flammable media
  • Necessary additional measurement, control, process and separation technology

The tailor-made turn-key photosynthesis directly from the plant manufacturer!