UV-Oxidation Processes

Advanced oxidation processes as state of the art

We combine a completely newly developed UV technology with additional chemical and physical process steps to form an innovative unit. In this way we are opening up new fields of application for UV technology in the AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes) area, which were previously considered uneconomical. A cross-system concept and the fusion of different process stages into one overall process, that is Advanced Oxidation Technology from a.c.k. aqua concept.

We are constantly developing new recipes and processes in order to economically develop further fields of application for UV oxidation and AOP.

You can find more information about our AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes) e.g. here:
- Degradation of organic complexing agents with UV oxidation
- Degradation of cyanide through advanced oxidation
- Elimination of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
- Destruction of active substances
- Degradation of dyes through photo-oxidation
- TSAA applications
- Exhaust air oxidation
- Plating bath conditioning and recycling of electrolytes with AOP
- Increase of bioavailability through Foto-Fenton processes
- Detoxification

In our list of publications you will find many case studies and brochures to download.

Process development

Development and optimization of AOP applications

Based on our experience, we carry out turnkey UV systems for you: from process design, through production - assembly - commissioning to maintenance, you will receive a customized UV oxidation plant.

In our application laboratory, the meaningful process stages are compiled on the basis of our many years of experience in AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes) and R&D work and the relevant parameters are developed.

With various laboratory systems, technical scale systems and pilot plants, we are able to tailor the right process for our customers.

Our goal: process reliability with transparent costs for the customer.

With our standard UV applications, typically no further investigation is necessary. On the other hand, we also offer the full service for process development: From 5L laboratory scale to 240 to / d application.