The a.c.k. aqua concept GmbH was founded in 1997 by Dr.-Ing. Martin Sörensen and Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Weckenmann. The company's aim is to develop high-performance UV reactors that are suitable for industrial use. One year after it was founded, the first reactors are running, combined with further process stages, for satisfied customers. The two entrepreneurs are surprised by the skeptical attitude of potential customers towards UV technology. Too many manufacturers of UV systems had promised a lot and were unable to present any of it, so that the market was permanently damaged. An English investor (3i Venture Capital) joins and brings in the capital for further developments, marketing and growth. Ten years later, the investor is leaving a.c.k. and the company is again in the sole hands of the founders. a.c.k. aqua concept is established, the products run as a technical standard at many respected companies from A for Airbus to Z for ZF. a.c.k. aqua concept is constantly developing new applications and still has many ideas to further advance the company, which is now active worldwide, on its way to market leadership.

In August 2011, a.c.k. aqua concept GmbH with a new building that has meanwhile been expanded several times.

2012 enviolet GmbH was founded in addition to a.c.k. aqua concept GmbH.

In 2018 enviolet China (Guangzhou Enviolet Umwelt Technik Ltd.) with an office in Guangzhou and production in Changsha was added.