Enviolet® UV-Reactors

In the area of ​​oxidation, our Enviolet® UV reactors are the highest quality product that is currently offered worldwide. These reactors are distinguished by their special equipment features:

  • Borosilicate reactor jacket prevents premature wear due to corrosion
  • Special guide devices for generating the turbulent rotational flow ensure optimal reaction conditions right into the diffusion boundary layer
  • Tailored design of the irradiation room to the properties of the liquid and the required oxidation performance ensure the optimal design
  • Temperature monitoring in the reactor ensures process reliability
  • Integrated pressure compensation ensures optimal operating transients
  • The planned expandability enables the system to grow with increasing requirements
  • RECO (REactorCOntroller) constantly monitors and regulates the UV-output of the enviolet system. For this purpose, the actual data is continuously compared with the target data on the radiation card (smart card) and fluctuating conditions are compensated. The RECO thus ensures a consistently high UV output and service life of the lamps
  • UV module with smart card for electronic comparison of the spectrum with the electrical environment
  • Low-loss operation thanks to the placement of the power section close to the reactor
  • Separate flow monitoring for each reactor.
  • Coordination to an optionally possible process control with many integrated functions for an operation optimally adapted to the process

We install our UV reactors in different types of systems such as:

RECO - REactorCOntroller

The RECO is a crucial step and breakthrough of UV technology. The essential part for oxidation in the hard UV-C radiation range breaks down disproportionately high with voltage fluctuations. Consistent UV output is therefore an essential characteristic of reliable UV oxidation. For this purpose, a.c.k. the RECO® developed and patented. The RECO® constantly compares the actual operating conditions by continuously measuring the physical lamp environment. These data are permanently compared with a chip card which is uniquely assigned to each UV-lamp and which bears the lamp's "fingerprint". If deviations are found that are outside the tolerance, the RECO® adjusts the difference.

This ensures that the actual UV output corresponds to the nominally specified output.

The RECO is divided into three parts:

  • Measurement technology (in reactor and power section)
  • Computer with display (see illustration) and lamp chip card
  • Power supply (RECOPC) with switching unit (= controller)