State of the art UV-Disinfection


Our Microfloat® and Microspear® systems, developed and produced in-house, transform a water tank into a UV reactor. In comparison with the classic UV disinfection in the flow that are installed in short piping sections, these devices for UV disinfection achieve a considerably greater effectiveness.
Tank disinfection is mainly used in the following areas of application:

- Climatic chambers (air washers and humidifiers)
- Cooling towers (suppression and inactivation of legionella)
- Beverage industry
- Pharmacy
- Chemical industry
- Food industry
- Surface technology
- Drinking water supply

Flow disinfection

The MicroUV® reactors are designed in such a way that they can be adapted to the UV transmission of the medium to be disinfected. In this way, the customer receives a reactor tailored to his design data without incurring additional costs.
The special thing about these reactors is their modular structure, which allows a free choice of materials and thus the optimal adaptation to the respective application. Furthermore, this system also allows the turbulence to be adjusted to the respective requirements. For an even distribution of the radiation dose over the individual volume elements, reactors must have a very short residence time behavior. A characteristic of this type of behavior is the Bodenstein index. With the MicroUV® reactors, this figure is so high that it can be described as an ideal plug flow. This fulfills the most important conditions for a reactor that is supposed to guarantee a consistently safe disinfection performance.

All a.c.k. disinfection reactors use the rotating flow. It guarantees a high level of turbulence, prevents deposits and allows a safe design based on an exact calculation.
- computer-aided design
- electronic function protection
- high performance radiator
- turbulent rotational flow

Since 1996 a.c.k. aqua concept GmbH develops and produces high quality UV reactors.
You can find a detailed description of the theory on our homepage.