UV-disinfection for open tanks and machinery

Microspear® is an optimized UVC immersion lamp system for long cable lengths with an extremely compact design. The Microspear® UVC immersion lamps are used in open rinses and for UV disinfection of cooling towers, open containers, machines or machine parts. Preferebly each UV disinfection is designed and coordinated with a.c.k. to achieve the best possible result. This system for UV-disinfection not only prevents the spread of contamination to other process stages, but also improves the functioning of the sterilized units.

Optimal applications are in the field of rinsing technology and the hygienic intermediate storage of water and aqueous media and in particular the UV disinfection of cooling towers.

All Microspear® UV devices are supplied in a control cabinet with the appropriate cable length between the control cabinet and the UVC immersion lamp.
As the only manufacturer of UVC immersion lamps, we deliver reliable leakage monitoring for failure diagnosis.

Which info do we need for quoting your system?

1. Tank dimensions: LxWxH or DxH in m

2. Filling volume in m³

3. Flow in m³/h (Feed + Recirculation rate)

4. Water sample (50mL) or description of water (e.g.: DI-Wasser, Well water, Rain water, ...)

5. Material of construction (tank)

6. Temperature of medium

Please send this data to your contact person or to: info(at)aquaconcept(dot)de.

We will contact you for quoting a well designed system.