Rental units for AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process)

Advanced Oxidation Process rental units for wastewater treatment

For rent we offer AOP systems from our rental system pool.

We offer our customers various AOP systems of small and medium size for the following AOP applications for rent:
- Pretreatment systems (AOP, Advanced Oxidation Process) for polluted industrial wastewater
- Electrolyte recycling and bath conditioning (surface technology and circuit board industry)
- Groundwater treatment (removal of single substances such as cyanide by AOP)

We offer the rental UV and AOP systems to our customers as an interim solution, for temporary campaigns or to bridge the production time of a new terminal AOP system.
We usually carry out piloting in our application laboratory or technical center.

We have a whole range of complete pilot systems in containers or assembled on steel frames, including process control for various automated AOP processes.

Contact us - we will help you find the professional solution and offer the right AOP system for your process for field trials, which can also be adapted to your requirements if necessary.

Here you can download our brochure 'mobile container unit'.

We run your rental plant!

With our know-how, which has grown over the years, we also support you with pilot or rental systems in process optimization and system operation!

Our newest rental units

Integration of an AOP as rental unit at customer

The rental systems for advanced oxidation processes (AOP) provided by a.c.k aqua concept GmbH are usually shipped to the customer as a rack or container system.
The effort for local integration (media, chemicals, electrical connection, etc.) of the AOP system for wastewater treatment is reduced to a minimum through compact interfaces.
The customer's AOP system is integrated using interfaces that are compactly prepared on the AOP systems.

Piloting an advanced oxidation process at enviolet

With our pilot plant installed in our Karlsruhe plant, AOP applications can be piloted on a full scale.
The pilot plant is a fully equipped 6,000 L batch plant with the latest technology.
With our standard applications, there is normally no need for further tests that go beyond the feasibility study carried out in our laboratory.
Nevertheless, on customer request we also offer simulations of AOP applications on a larger scale.
We carry out these AOP treatments for a nominal fee, which is significantly below our own costs, but high enough to ensure a serious interest.