UV-Disinfection of Closed Tanks

Microfloat® and Microspear® were specially developed for the chemical-free disinfection of water in storage tanks and tubs using UV radiation. Microfloat® (floating UV unit) is used in closed tanks with static and strongly fluctuating filling levels. Microspear® (UV immersion lamp) is used in rinses with a more static filling levels and in machines.

Microfloat® irradiates the water and the tank walls above and below the water level with UV-C radiation, so that no biofilm can develop and the water is permanently disinfected. This not only optimally disinfects the water, but also prevents rapid renewed contamination of the water from causing problems; these devices are therefore a real in-situ solution.

Microfloat® disinfects the entire interior of the tank (liquid, gas space and tank wall surfaces) and also forms an effective barrier against contamination via the tank ventilation.

In this way, a chemical-free solution ensures better efficiency than chemicals, because no resistance to UV radiation can develop without the side effects of the disinfectant having to be accepted.

UV-Disinfektion with flexible design

The UV units of the Microspear and Microfloat types can be combined to form entire UV systems that can be adapted to any tank shape, flow rate and other conditions. In this way, UV disinfection that is optimally tailored to the customer can be implemented without chemical side effects.

We turn your tank into a UV disinfection reactor!

Which info do we need for quoting your system?

1. Tank dimensions: LxWxH or DxH in m

2. Filling volume in m³

3. Flow in m³/h (Feed + Recirculation rate)

4. Water sample (50mL) or description of water (e.g.: DI-Wasser, Well water, Rain water, ...)

5. Material of construction (tank)

6. Temperature of medium

Please send this data to your contact person or to: info(at)aquaconcept(dot)de.

We will contact you for quoting a well designed system.