Cooling tower disinfection with UV radiation

Reliable elimination of legionella to comply with local legislation (e.g. 42nd BImSchV in Germany)

With the growing spread of cooling towers for dissipating process heat, their efficient, safe and environmentally friendly operation is also becoming more and more important.
With the UV / H2O2 technology, we offer a tried and tested system that brings a number of advantages compared to a standard approach with pure chemistry:

• No development of resistance and reliable control of microorganisms (e.g. Legionella)
• No AOX entry into the circuit water
• Low costs / personnel expenses for maintaining operations
• Good water quality without chemicals often makes it possible for blowdown water to seep away together with rainwater (cost savings)
• Safe control of corrosion and sludge
• Reliable operation with high efficiency

We also recommend our current technical article with a detailed description of the general functionality of the system and a summary description on our website.

Design data

To design and plan the integration of our process in your system, we need the following information:

  • Dimensions of the cooling tower trough (LxWxH; level), or the largest buffer volume in the circuit
  • Total water volume in the system (including associated pipelines)
  • Circulation rate in m³ / h
  • Cooling capacity in kW or MW
  • Concentration factor to be achieved
  • Information on the quality of the fresh water (or 100 mL water sample for free analysis in our laboratory)
  • 2-3 current pictures of the plant

Please send this information to: cg(at)

Please write the sample code sent to you for the water sample clearly on the sample.
On this basis, we can then offer you the right solution for disinfecting cooling towers.