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RECO - Display and microprocessor
RECO - Display and microprocessor
RECO PC power supply

RECO - REactorCOntroller

The RECO was an essential step in the development of reliable UV-Technology. The part of the hard UV-C-light is sensible to voltage fluctuations. For a reliable disinfection and oxidation process the UV-performance has to be steady during the process. To achieve this a.c.k. developed and patented the RECO. The RECO permanently compares the actual and the necessary operating parameters of operation by continuous measurement of the physical conditions. These data are compared permanently with the lamps' finger-print on a chip-card supplied together with the UV-lamp. In the case of differences outside of the tolerance, the RECO adjusts the operating parameters to the optimum.

This makes sure that the performed power is equal to the nominal power.

The RECO is made of three functional units:

  • Measurement instrumentation (in reactor and power supply)
  • Microprocessor with display (see photo) with the Chip-card of the UV-lamp
  • Power supply with switch panel (= modulator)