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MicroUV® - UV-Desinfection Reactors, flow through systems

Rotational flow
Functional Principle of MicroUV

All a.c.k. disinfection reactors use rotational flow. This guarantees high turbulence, prevents deposits and enables correct system settings based on exact lay-out calculations.
- computer-supported design
- turbulent rotational flow
- high-performance lamps
- electric performance regulation

Since September 1996 the company a.c.k. aqua concept develops special reactors for treatment of water (disinfection and oxidation). In context of design of UV-reactors and light sources a.c.k can show experienced founders.

Dr.-Ing. Martin Sörensen was already employed at the DVGW and the Engler- Bunte- Institute where the development and testing of UV-reactors was proceeded. Furthermore he was co-worker of the W 294 (the international design base of UV-disinfection reactors). And last but not least he was active in the DVGW – expert commission for “Oxidation processes“.

Dipl. Ing. Jürgen Weckenmann took a wide experience in reactor design, engineering and construction during 20 years professional experience.

This establishes the basis of the production of totally new UV-reactors for disinfection and oxidation, which showed a lot of technical advantages. The reactors of the series Microlight® were constructed in a way, that an adaptation of the reactor design to the UV-transmission of water is possible. Therefore the customer receives a product, which is fitted to his set of parameters without additional costs.
Up-front some general physical principles will be given, to understand the base of the progressive design.

Description of theoretical background of UV-disinfection (link).

The MicroUV® reactor series are constructed, adapted to the spectral properties of the fluid (water). So the client receives a system made for his individual application without generating additional costs.
Significant is the modular construction, allowing not only the free choice of material of construction, but also the adaptation to the requirements of the turbulence of the flow. For the equal distribution of the sterilization dose to the single volume elements, UV-reactors have to show a narrow residence time behaviour. An important character for this is the Bodenstein - number. These character shows values being so high for the a.c.k. UV-reactors, that we can indicate to be near ideal plug flow in our reactors. This means that the most important condition for a safe and economic sterilization - reactor is kept.
Together with our product line "tank sterilization" we are solving consequently all areas of UV-application. As others concentrate their activities to the continuous water flow only, we are able to offer solution for tanks also. The reason are missing concepts for intelligent and economic tank sterilization. Our product series Microspear® and Microfloat® close this gap.

The MicroUV® - Disinfection reactors are available in two different groups

Reactor group





Flamable Sampling Valve


MicroUV® NT

up to 1000 m³/h


other materials possible






up to 50 m³/h






Rotaclean® - mechanical cleaning device (construction without motor and seals)

UV-Disinfection integrated in existing tanks

When you want to disinfect a tank with UV, you will be better off, with our tank disinfection: Integration of  Microfloat® und Microspear® in the tank, will transform your tank into an UV-reactor with a lot of advantages, e.g.:

- Lower investment costs 

- Higher effect 

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