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Intelligente tank disinfection by Microfloat®

Microfloat® - UV-Disinfection of Closed Tanks

Microfloat® and Microspear® were develloped for chemical free disinfection of water in storage tanks by UV-irradiation. Microfloat® (floating UV-Lamp) is applied in closed tanks with static and strongly varying levels. Microspear® (immersed UV-Lamp) is applied in tanks and rinses with static levels and machinery.

Microfloat® irradiates the water, and the walles of the tank above and below the water level as well as the air above the surface with UV-C-light, so that the water is sterile and no bio-film can grow. By this we make sure that the water is disinfected and also reinfection of the water is eliminated.

Microfloat® disinfects the whole tank (liquid, atmosphere and tank surface) by building up a germ barrier.

This chemical free solution provides a higher efficiency as chemicals because germs cannot get resistant against UV-irradiationa without taking into account the negative side effects of biocides.

Data Microfloat®
Data Microfloat®

Technical Data Microfloat®



Electr. Power

UV-Flux W at 254 nm

A (mm)

C (mm)

Microfloat® 1/0

up to 0,5 m³

11 W




Microfloat® 2/0

up to 2 m³

22 W




Microfloat® 3/0

up to 4 m³

33 W




Microfloat® 3/1

up to 6 m³

44 W




The data below are based on our standard products, tap water quality and fixed tank-size / flow-rate ratio. Please contact us for additional sizes and system requirements.

All Microfloat® - UV-units are supplied together with an electrical cabinet (if so: for several floaters).


Microfloat® - Triple in Storage Tank
Microfloat® - Triple in Storage Tank

UV-Disinfektion with flexible design

Die UV-units Microfloat®A and Microspear® can be assembled to complete UV-Systems applied to:

- form of tank

- flow rate

- water quality.

By this we are able to supply a optimum and customer fit UV-disinfection without chemical side effects.


Which info do we need for quoting your system?

Tank disinfection
Combination of Microfloat® and Microspear® change tank into UV-reactor

1. Tank dimensions: LxWxH or DxH in m

2. Filling volume in m³

3. Flow in m³/h

4. Water sample (50mL) or description of water (e.g.: DI-Wasser, Recycling water, Rain water, ...)

5. Material of construction (tank)

Please send this data to your contact person or to: info@enviolet.com .

We will contact you for quoting a well designed system.

UV-Oxidation and AOP

Did you know that UV-light also can be applied for oxidation of COD, TOC and others?

Please click here if interested.

AOP-installation for elimination of COD

Intelligent UV-Disinfection

Microfloat® is the only floating UV-disinfection system for tanks. Microfloat® disinfects not only the complete internal space of the tank (water and atmosphere), but also prevents regrowth and reinfection of the moist tank walls. The Two-in-one solution for a safe disinfection can be easily built into a tank and is easy to be operated. Retrofit of existing tanks is a standard application. According to the low energy consumption and the high efficiency Microfloat® is the most commercial attactive disinfection system for all tanks with static and varying filling levels.

Typical applications:

- Clima chambers (scubber and humidifyers)
- Cooling towers
- Food and beverage
- Pharmacy
- Chemical industry
- Surface technology
- Drinking water storage