Enviolet® Prozess Control - Covering the Demands of Oxidation

Turch-Screen Steuerung
Schaltschrank mit Oxidationskontrolle

Successful Process Control Starts Long Before Supplying Hardware

It starts with the state-analysis and understanding of the problem. Then we put together the right process steps and parameters for your satisfying solution, based on our long experience in advanced oxidation and the R&D - work in our application laboratory.

To feed a successfull project with all our experience we have develloped an own process copntrol, designed ideally to the demands of an oxidation process with varying parameters. This is not stopping with the devellopment and implementaion of the RECO, and goes further with the full process control.

The hardware an industrial PC and a big flat screen, combined to a compact unit. The plc is based on an embedded PC with runtime system: highest stability of system. The screen shows touch-key character. The analogue and digital In- / Out- modules are connected by an industrial BUS with the control panel. The well-known producer is represented worldwide.

Our Control Concept:

  • visualisation of process
  • software quality management
  • modem access for online service
  • choice of language
  • master - slave signal management with RECO
  • communication with master PLC and remote control system
  • soft-keys for calibration of functional elements (pH-electrode, level sensors, metering pumps, ...)
  • VPA - open user application (individual adaption);the client is able to change the process by activation / deactivation of soft-keys in the PLC for a flexible use of the unit.
  • signal management by showing the in- and out-modules of the bus in the visualisation as wired in the electric cabinet for documentation, trouble shooting and online-support, including signal inversion.

By this the automations is designed in a way that the customer can adapt the process idealy to its demands without our support. Furthermore he is able to operate the unit from every PC of his Company-Ethernet, if the unit is linked by a fixed IP-adress, even if the operator is abroad and a coleague needs his help.