Synthetic Photo Chemistry
Synthesis by Photo Reaction
Synthesis by Photo Reaction

Synthetic photo applications

We supply many producers of premium organics with uv-installations implementing cold synthesis steps. By these steps for example Vitamins or other valuable substances are synthesized.

For reasons of confidentiality we are not able to market our products with the customer-application. It will not take you long to realize that we are the partner of choice in this field of application.

Performed units: Woodward-Hoffmann, Photochlorination, Sulfochlorination, Photonitration, Photoaddition, Photobromination, Photopolymerisation, Ring-Chain-Valenzisomeration, Endselective Sulfonation.

Design and construction of plants for photo-chemical synthesis

Synthesis by Photo Reaction
Photo synthesis installation
thin film reactor with mixing
Product monitoring

A lot of aspects are important if we want to perform a synthesis with UV-lamp as radiation source (Photo synthesis). First we have to find the right UV source (wave length, lifetime….) to induce the desired (photo-) reaction.

Different (UV)-lamps may be considered, e.g.:
Low pressure lamps (conventional or high performance construction)
Mercury medium pressure lamps
Alloy lamps
Sodium vapour 
Xenon lamps

Noble gas lamps
Excimer lamps 

Most of the UV-lamps can be used in common form or under a special form.

In almost all cases the choice of the proper lamp is one step of many, for a successful synthesis. The installation requirements are very complex, due to the fact that the greater part of the synthesis, are performed in a non-aqueous and often inflammable solutions (ATEX), especially when we also want to implement the advantages (higher conversion, higher purity and higher selectivity) of photo-reaction, in an optimal way. In this case the product that we have to synthesize is the most important element of the installation build around the UV-lamp. Only such an integrated photo synthesis installation will lead to a commercial synthesized product. 

We do not only have the Know-How of photo chemical reactors such as:
Batch photo reactors
Schlaufenfotoreaktoren (Counter flow reactor)
By-pass photo reactors
Fall film photo reactors
Rayonet Reactors
Flatbed photo reactors
Photo pressure reactors
Micro photo reactors

But we also have experience with the necessary measuring-, regulating-, process- and separation technique, complementary to the photo reactors. This experience we gathered during the realization of a lot of installations. With these skills we have the possibility to give you an unique worldwide service.

The customized „turn-key-photo-synthesis“, straight from the system builder.

Synthetic Photo Chemistry

Fries - Rearrangement

For synthesis with with high selectivity and yield UV can be the first choice in a Fries - rearrangement (Photo-Fries).

Synthesis with DMIF-UV-Reactor