UV-Oxidation with UV-Reactors and UV-Lamps


Our UV reactors for “advanced oxidation processes” (AOP) are constantly redefining the technological standard in UV oxidation and AOP. Robust UV reactor housings built of borosilicate glass and the patented rotational flow-through concept are critical elements for successful AOP applications. This type of construction offers a big advantage as it eliminates corrosion issues and allows visibility inside the reactor. Furthermore, our own developed electronic performance controller, RECO, provides precision control over the high-performance UV lamp with a built-in card reader. It guarantees an optimized UV output and an increased longevity.

UV Disinfection of Tanks

UV-Disinfection of open and closed tanks with floating and submerged UV-lamps

a.c.k. is a distinguished supplier of UV systems including intelligent tank disinfection equipment for an integrated in-situ UV disinfection. The “Microfloat®” and “Microspear®” units can be integrated virtually into any tank size, shape and flow conditions turning this tank into a UV disinfection reactor. 

Turn my tank into a UV reactor!

Turn-Key AOP Units

Based on our vast experience and know-how we supply turn-key systems of all sizes: from process design & engineering, production, installation and startup, our customers can expect delivery of a custom built UV-system for the following applications:

UV-Oxidation / AOP


Synthetic Photochemistry

Future Trends in UV-Technology (copy 1)

Our R & D department is constantly improving established processes and products as well as developing new processes. We completely analyze and test your provided sample with our laboratory UV reactors. The laboratory test provides the necessary information for the correct design of your system.